As your Trustee

I will be a prepared, experienced, and involved leader. I’ll continue to be an advocate for public safety, economic development, and fiscal responsibility. Together, we will build a progressive team to deliver on the promise of a thriving Village.


Property Taxes:

Development & A Thriving Community:

We must confront hard truths about the core causes of development concerns. I will focus on improving these issues, and promote economic development, empower our small businesses, and grow partnerships with community boards. All of this together will promote our excellent schools, parks, recreational centers, health resources, and the Lisle Charm – all the things we know help lead to a stable and prospering community.


Community Beautification & Public Safety

#lislesmile: I will first and foremost listen to the needs of the residents. I will be a visible presence and work with local community leaders and stakeholders. This is the only way to make sure that our investment priorities respect and reflect the needs of our community. I will bring Lisle’s best and brightest together to revitalize our connectivity throughout the arboretum village, commercial areas, uplift community engagement, and continue to support public safety.


Openness & Honesty:

Government Transparency, Accountability, & Inclusivity

Openness, accountability, and honesty define government transparency. In a free society, transparency is government's obligation to share information with residents. It is at the heart of how residents hold their public officials accountable. With our village staff, I will help promote engagement and enable the voices of residents during public comment by bringing moderator lead social forums to the village committee and board meeting’s to allow for young families and professionals to provide immediate feedback. I will hold our Village accountable for continuous engagement and productivity of every financial expense and partnership our tax dollars contribute towards.